På uppdrag av Energimyndigheten deltar vi, inom ramen för vårt innovationskluster i arbetet med att hjälpa intresserade parter i Sverige att bilda konsortier och stötta i ansökningsprocessen till JPI Urban Europe.


Sustainable Innovation erbjuder:

– Stöd vid konsortiebyggande
– Stöd i ansökningsprocessen
– Direktkontakt med övriga länder för samarbeten (Österrike, Belgien, Finland, Norge)

Behöver du söka internationella projektpartners? Välkommen att söka här på JPI-brokerage!

The aim of JPI Urban Europe is to create attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas, in which European citizens, communities and their surroundings can thrive by focusing on how to:

  • Transform urban areas into centres of innovation and technology
  • Ensure social cohesion and integration
  • Reduce the ecological footprint and enhance climate neutrality
  • Take advantage of technological solutions and realize efficient and sustainable urban systems and networks (mobility, energy, water, ICT, etc.)


Project proposals should address at least one of the following topics:

  • Re-thinking urban mobility: Innovative solutions to reduce city congestion
  • Implementing the Smart Sustainable City: From pilot projects within sectors and neighbourhoods to cross-sectoral services for citizens and business
  • Creating the city together: Closing the gap between citizens, companies and city policy
  • Innovative and sustainable city change: Reducing the negative impacts of construction sites

Target audiences are municipalities, businesses, researchers, civil society and other stakeholders to build collaborative transnational consortia to create challenge-driven innovation projects for European urban areas that have the potential to demonstrate impact and result in commercially successful services and products.


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