Sustainable Innovation conducts development projects for an energy and resource-efficient society. Our focus is on market-oriented and innovative solutions in mobility, housing and energy systems. We are driven by the practical development, demonstration and dissemination of sustainable solutions in business and society.

Sustainable Innovation is a non-profit organisation owned by the Association for Energy Efficiency (Effekt) where Riksbyggen, Vattenfall, Göteborg Energi, Fagerhult, Toyota, Stockholmshem, ÅF, White, Centigo and WSP are members.


We lead the way to a more resource-efficient society with sustainable growth

More states, multinational companies, and other actors are setting goals for the new energy challenges we face. But to set these goals in action, we must take them from the planning stage to the public in the form of projects and real solutions. Together with our members we realize our sustainable future.

Development Projects

In order to reach a resource-efficient society, we have to to work in the long-term. Our organization always runs more than 20 parallel projects. Together our projects amount to about 130 million SEK in project spending. Most of our projects have a time span between three and five years, leading to robust solutions that are implemented in the real world. Our model creates sustainable business for our members, supports Swedish competitiveness and export, as well as helps us reach our climate goals.

Our projects focus on mobility, buildings, and smart systems. In all of our projects we support sustainable innovation by creating cooperation between our members, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Business Builder

Today many promising ideas fall in the stage between development and commercialization. By using our extensive network, we find entrepreneurs that want to expand, but lack the necessary capital for research and development. These companies enter our Business Builder that helps entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas and avoid what many call the Valley of Death. After ideas are fully developed they are matched with larger private and public companies in our network.


By creating cooperation, we help realize sustainable innovation. We need innovative hubs where the public, entrepreneurs, investors, and companies can meet in order for ideas to reach the market place.

Almedalen is the most important political event in Sweden and takes place during one week in June. Since 2009 our venue, Teaterskeppet, has been the principal meeting place for sustainability. This year we organized 31 panel discussions that were attended by 2,800 people.

Every year we award the ENERGIdéPRISET (Energy Idea Prize) to a local municipality that has taken action to energy-optimize their public operations. Earlier finalists have implemented solutions that have led to more energy-efficient public housing, transport and official travel.

Internet of Things Day is a global initiative to highlight the possibilities of connecting our things with sensors. Together with sustainable innovation the the internet of things could lead to a tremendous resource-optimization. Every year we organize IoT Day in Stockholm together with our partners.

In addition, we invite you to attend our Monthly Breakfast Seminary. Once a month we bring in people who work with sustainability and innovation to talk about their experiences over breakfast.

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