From 2006-2009 the Swedish Energy Agency funded a research program called “Energy, IT and Design.” The objective was to support research and development of products and services that focus on the consumer’s role in the energy system. The program was started by Andres Muld, then the Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency. The administrative officer was Kenneth Asp.

The research program was supported by an advisory council with representatives from industry and research. Peter Nygårds served as Chairman. From the program came the idea of a centre for energy-efficient innovation, where research could be applied more quickly to business and real-world solutions.

Council members from Vattenfall and Riksbyggen were specially optimistic. The Swedish Energy Agency also voiced their support for the idea. The Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications was contacted in the fall of 2007, and the Minster of Energy spoke warmly of the proposal at the 2008 Energy Convention.

By June 2008, the “Association for Energy Efficiency” or Effekt was formed with Peter Nygårds as chairman. Sustainable Innovation in Sweden AB was founded with Patrik Nilsson as President. Our work was in full swing by August 2008 in the Admiralty House in Stockholm.

Today, Sustainable Innovation is located on Barnhusgatan 3 in Stockholm. There we continue our work with leading the way to a more resource-efficient society with sustainable growth.